ThinkstockPhotos-466033993The authors and writers listed below have given their permission to publish their testimonials about the editing, writing and publishing services of Wordfix. If requested, their email addresses will be provided.

“I count myself fortunate to have ‘found’ and collaborated with Gloria. She is everything I need in an editor.

  1. She knows what she is doing.
  2. She has a meticulous attention to detail and accuracy.
  3. We can converse and sort through problems of formatting, fonts, presentation and all that jazz.
  4. She has knowledge and abilities way beyond editing, and is happy to share and contribute any information she thinks may help you.
  5. She’s a nice lady and easy to get on with.

Why would I go elsewhere? Thank you, Gloria, for all your help in the past in making me look better than I am.”

Chris Shaw, author of many books. You can find Chris’s books under “Books edited by Wordfix”. Chris’s books are available here.

Chris Shaw, http://www.writersandebooks.com.au/

“Dr Gloria Webb, Wordfix, … is an elegant editor, a loyal supporter and now a friend.”

Philip Mole, author of Romatoca. Cairns, Australia: Philip Mole, 2012.

“Thank you so much! Fantastic job!”

Ryan Courtney, PhD candidate, University of Newcastle, 2012.

“Thank you so VERY, VERY much for all your wonderful talent and ability… A HUGE thank you for helping us ‘sculpt’ this best-selling book into shape.”

Nouk Sanchez, co-author of Take Me to Truth. Park Lane: O Books, 2007.
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